Previous Testimonials

This is little Gaige's success story:

Gaige was just 6 months old when he had his 3rd ear infection. He was on an antibiotic at the time for an infection in the right ear and the left one became infected. His doctor started talking about putting tubes in his ears, going as far as setting up an appointment with an ENT doctor. Well I have heard a lot of negative stories about children who have had tubes put in their ears and I did not want to put my baby through that. The very next day a of mine told me that some chiropractors will work on babies who have had, or are prone to ear infections. I have never heard of such a thing. I spoke with Gaige's doctor and she was very supportive. She wanted me to follow up with her with the progress. I was very skeptical at first but thought I would give it a shot. I just happen to know that Dr. Arora was a chiropractor and gave him a call. I have never been so grateful for what he has done for Gaige. You see Gaige is now 14 months old and has not had an ear infection since. He has been to the doctor several times and no sign of an infection. One time he had fluid in the ear and I took him to Dr. Arora that same day. Three days later I took him back to the doctor to check the ears and no sign of fluid at all.

Thank you so much Dr. Arora for all that you have done.



Dear Dr. Arora and Staff;

A few months ago my daughter was involved in a car accident. We knew she needed to be seen by a Chiropractor, we just did not know of any in town. I opened the McKinney monthly magazine we receive every month and opened the page to Dr. Arora's ad. We were blessed by God to find an awesome, caring, qualified Doctor. Our daughter is 100% better, and now my husband and I are being treated. We love the staff, and the positive environment we experience when we are being treated for our well being. I personally can say we have met a more personable Doctor and staff. My daughter's neck pain is gone, her headaches are gone, and my lower back pain is gone. One afternoon my knee had pain, however; I did not mention it to the Doctor. He adjusted my hips, when I stood up, I could not believe my pain was gone.

We are very grateful for Dr. Arora and his staff.

God bless,

One happy healthy family.

Dear Dr. Arora,

I just wanted to express my gratitude in your services. I actually had tried another Chiropractor around two years ago and had great results. I know I spoke to you about this in my background. I came from a very traditional "MD" background. My mother was an RN and only really believed in traditional medicine that a pill or physical therapy could cure. She was very unsure of the industry. I had met my fiancé (John) around two years ago and was suffering terribly from neck/arm pain due to working at a desk. John persuaded me to get a second opinion thru chiropractic care. I decided to try and see if it might work…

A few weeks later I was almost pain free. I could not believe this without pain medication. I continued to go until my pain was gone. About six months later my pain came back(I had not actually finished all the treatments) I wanted to try a new doctor for a few different reasons. My fiancé had found you and decided to give you a try and he really was impressed by your treatment and personality. I decided to make an appointment and your personality really relaxed me and made me feel great to come to you, not to mention your knowledge and focusing on details. You are always happy and excited to help your patients. You believe in traditional medicine when needed and both are compliments to each other. I have become almost pain free and have seen the results rather quickly and soon I will be able to just have a check up now and then. My fiancé as well is also seeing results and has made significant improvements. Well, I can say no more, you have a client for life. I would say to anyone in pain to consider this option first before using extensive surgeries and medications.

Thank you,